How ERP HCM Consultants can make a Difference to Organizations after ERP Training

ERP training in ERP Human Capital Management (ERP HCM) opens up a career as an  HR consultant. This solution is utilized to streamline and automate HR tasks. HR staff is freed on administrative and repetitive tasks so that more time is devoted to activities that generate business value. The solution also helps standardize all core processes related to the workforce. Data can be integrated onto a single platform without deviating from local regulations and laws. This allows the ERP HCM solution to be used as a single, accurate source of organizational personnel data that is available real-time company-wide.


What are the general activities of an  ERP HCM consultant?

This consultant performs a broad range of activities. The duties performed vary by organization. The following are some of them.

  • Administering employees – This professional automates all basic processes that captures and manages personnel and employee information management. A centralized database is used to store this information and assists HR in making business-related decisions such HR training of employees, organizational skill development analysis and so on.
  • Organizational management – In this management area, organizational structure and policy information is maintained. The HR leverages this information as building blocks for managing talent.
  • Management of global employees – Employee management extends to managing pan-national resources. Support is provided to all processes leveraged in international employee relocation. Global employee assignments are planned and prepared.
  • Managing benefits – The solution is leveraged to create diverse plan definitions. Benefit offers are customized to individual employees, or specific groups.
  • Payroll and legal – The consultant automates complex payroll processes. This solution supports legal regulations of more than 50 countries. This professional ensures that the organization complies with the regulatory requirements of a country.


This solution is implemented in numerous Fortune 500 companies and still undergoing implementation. Being a widely recognized HR management solution, functional and technical expertise in it paves the way for a successful career. These skills can be initially inculcated at an ERP training institute.


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