How ethical hacking can protect an organisation’s data

Do you want to become the saviour for IT systems? If yes, then a certified course in  ethical hacking  is perfectly suited to your needs. A CEH or a Certified Ethical Hacker is trained on penetration testing, hacking and comprehensive network security procedures. Such  cyber security courses  teach the latest hacking techniques needed to protect both computer and mobile devices from attacks.

Etical Hacking Course

Profile of a CEH

The CEH systematically penetrates a network or a computer system by using network and system knowledge. This work is not done with any cruel intention in mind, but with the aim of strengthening network security. With help from a CEH, owners of the network look to find security vulnerabilities that malicious hackers may try to exploit in the future.

Rules of ethical hacking

Being an ethical hacker does require a fair amount of knowledge and skills. There are some rules of the game that need to be followed by every CEH. They are:

  • One can only hack the company’s systems with its permission, in order to probe and find out the potential risks
  • It is important to respect the company’s privacy policy
  • The work begun by you must be completed, leaving no scope for any individual to exploit at a later date
  • Let the software developer or company management know of security vulnerabilities, if any. It is also likely that they may already be aware of the same

Hacking- traditional vs. ethical

Getting into someone else’s network or computer by itself is always a negative situation. However, if this is being done with permission and with the purpose of removing vulnerabilities, then it becomes ethical hacking. On the other hand, traditional hacking is usually carried out to steal vital data and infect devices. It always has a cruel mind working behind the scenes.

Clear the exam to become a CEH

The certification of a CEH is obtained from the International Council of E-commerce consultants (E-C Council). Its exam requires a high fee and consists of 125 multiple choice questions. However, the pattern does vary from one year to another. Such a person can be immensely beneficial to Government agencies and other high security firms.


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