How Manual and Automation Testing Training Helps Software Testers in Their Career?

Since the inception of software development, software testing has been taking very important role in IT Industry. Both manual and automation testing are carried out by quality assurance team thus ensuring quality products. Manual testing does not require any tool to perform testing process. However, for automation testing, there are many automation testing tools such as Selenium, Tellurium etc. Software Testers who would like to grow in testing field can definitely improve their expertise by enrolling to the online Manual Testing Training.

Benefits of Manual and Automation Testing Training

  • The training will be given scenario-based hence the learning curve will be broader
  • Good hands-on experience is given
  • As the training curriculum is based on International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB), it is widely accepted and recognized
  • Certified professionals take the training hence the quality of the training programs are 100% and highly sophisticated
  • Key testing strategies and technologies are thought
  • The training inculcates how to work in a team environment and helps to be supporting


After taking up the Manual and Automation Testing

 The aspirant swill inculcate the following learnings:

  • Identify the concepts, terms, skills required to carry out the software engineering and software testing.
  • Able to distinguish Manual and Automation testing and know the appropriate place where each can be used
  • Learn the entire project and testing life cycle
  • Get a good knowledge about various software testing tools
  • Know how to write, review and execute test cases
  • Understand the standards required for software testing

Who can benefit out of the training?

  • Software Engineers
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Freshers who are interested in testing field
  • Testing Engineers

Software testing field is an integral part of any successful software development company and is always growing. With proper training, the software testers can succeed in this field. There are also many Automation Testing Institute available to lay a strong foundation in automation.

The aspirants who are interested to learn about the Manual Testing, can enroll themselves to the online Manual Testing Training program. Certified trainers will take you through the course for better understanding. You can take up mock test and the results will be given in the form of analytical reports.

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