How Oracle Hyperion contributes to an enterprise

What is Oracle Hyperion?

The financial business division of software giant Oracle is called as Hyperion. It is meant to be helpful for corporate performance management (CPM) as well as business intelligence. Hyperion has a fairly large portfolio of products, which includes those for financial reporting, budgeting, planning and forecasting (BP&F), financial consolidation, treasury management as well as analytics. One can know more about this division by participating in an Oracle Hyperion training program.

Let us take the case of Oracle Hyperion Planning. This is a centralised planning, budgeting as well as forecasting solution which is capable of integrating operational planning and financial processes in an organisation. During the training, candidates are taught how to install, configure, test and conduct maintenance planning. Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system infrastructure is covered in detail during this training.


Features available in latest version

Hyperion allows an in-depth look into business operations as well as its impact on the business’s financials. There are many additional features which have been provided in the upgraded version, V. Release. It is higher in accuracy and agility than its premier version. Dynamic Modeling, ASO Cubes in Planning Apps and flexible custom dimensions allow the above to happen.

The latest release is very easy to use. This is because of Excel Member updates, enhanced task lists and also enhanced outline load utility for administrators. Deployments are also much simpler than earlier. Here are the highlights of these features:

  • New Web form designer
  • Better process management
  • Availability of data validation in web forms
  • Ad hoc data entry forms across the web
  • Mapping from a Hyperion Planning Application up to a Reporting Application
  • Smart view enhancements

Importance of real life examples

In order to understand the working of Oracle Hyperion in everyday lives, actual examples need to be demonstrated in the class or lab. Performance management Architect, configuration of shared devices and Essbase are part of the latest curriculum and are taught with the help of actual examples. It is important for the experienced instructors to explain to the students how theory leads towards real situations. You can know more about it through Oracle Hyperion training in Delhi.



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