How Oracle Peoplesoft Financial Applications Fit Into An Organisation

Several complex business and industry solutions can be found through Oracle Peoplesoft financials. With the help of these applications, organisations are able to improve upon their productivity, enhance business performance and have a low cost of ownership. If you are spending too much time on transaction processing and less on decision support for business, then applications from Oracle Peoplesoft financials are definitely meant for you.

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To get things started, one needs to get trained on the various aspects of the Peoplesoft financials applications. At any reputed training institute that teaches this, candidates are taken through a high-level overview of Peoplesoft. Basic skills such as use of shortcut keys, making favourites to enable quick access, navigation of the system and personalisation of layouts are taught to students. Other advanced topics like TableSet sharing and effective dating are also explained to them.

Functions of Oracle Peoplesoft financial applications

The following are the various ways in which the Oracle applications help organisations. Go through it well and you might possibly understand why it is well suited to your business:

  • Greater productivity, lower costs of transaction processing
  • Better insights into critical information about business
  • Enforce greater financial discipline and be able to implement best governance practise
  • Meeting criteria for multiple reporting and regulation

Peoplesoft financial management applications are capable of helping organisations of all sizes and geographies. Back-office costs can be brought down and cash flow can be optimised. How is this achieved, you ask? This is done by integration of business functions with automated processes and productivity tools that can speed up the close process.

Different Oracle Peoplesoft financial applications

Each financial application under this group functions differently than the other. In other words, each of them has been built for a specific purpose. Here’s a look at them:

Peoplesoft asset lifecycle management applications- With the help of these, companies can capture asset costs and also transfer assets across the organisation.

Peoplesoft Payables- It helps in streamlining accounts payable operations in the company.

Peoplesoft Receivables– It allows one to handle invoices efficiently, and resolve credit issues in a swift manner.   

Peoplesoft Treasury- This gives the real-time cash positions, automatically generates bank statements, and facilitates EFT.

As you see above, all the Oracle Peoplesoft financial applications are invaluable for a company. Various Oracle training courses can teach more about them.


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