How PHP professional training can help a web developer?

Wish to develop professional skills in the field of web development? One of the best ways to do so is to enrol for a PHP Professional Training course. PHP and MySQL are commonly used for web development. The training is provided by highly experienced instructors at reputed institutes.

PHP involves a mix of several practice sessions and presentation of real world scenarios. The instructors help the students to link theory with practice. However, it is predominantly a practical-oriented training. Students are presented with the opportunities to work on live servers.

Knowledge provided through PHP

PHP gives emphasis to knowledge of advanced frameworks like Zend, Codelgniter and Cake PHP. Magneto is also taught for development of ecommerce web portals. With the help of training, aspirants get to know about the practices and concepts behind implementation of server side security as well as payment gateways.

Here are the different concepts learned by the students during training:

  • Fundamentals and core principles involved in Magneto
  • Management of the Magneto Store for Product Marketing, Operations and Catalog Management
  • Installation and update of OpenCart
  • Supporting many languages and migrating to a new server
  • Understanding of OLTP, OLAP, Payment Gateway integration and Third Party Payment
  • Implementation of security
  • MVC model and internalisation feature of Zend
  • Making use of the CakePHP framework for the development of a CMS


Why is PHP so popular?

One of the factors that make PHP such a popular programming language is its open source platform. By virtue of being open source, all of its components and updates are freely available over the Internet. It is also scalable and can easily be used in order to write codes. High flexibility and convenience are the other characters that drive companies towards it.

There are constant advancements taking place in the field of programming. As a result, web developers have to ensure that they keep themselves updated with the latest technology. PHP is now the leading web application development technology in the world.

Learn PHP today to become the leading web developer of tomorrow. There are also other Web Design and Development Courses for you to enroll.

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