How SP3D electrical is used for engineering projects

SP3D is a software which is commonly used by engineers in the electrical domain. There are several concepts, methods and operational procedures that need to be understood, for operation in the electrical field. Extensive hands-on training is provided to aspirants during the SP3D Electrical training course, so that they become capable of handling diverse projects.

In SP3D, there exists an Electrical task, using which a 3D model of different electrical design elements in your plant can be made. Knowledge gained from the training course can be applied to engineering projects in industries as diverse as power plants, petrochemicals, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. Other sectors which make use of instrumentation and electrical are also included in this list.


Skills imparted during training  

Upon completion of SP3D Electrical training, candidates will be able to exhibit the following skills:

  • Explore the SP3D modeling software, created by Intergraph
  • Be trained to work on different style rules, templates and WBS items in the software
  • Understand the importance of space management and also define control points
  • Make fixture drawings extraction
  • Develop expertise on solid and structure modeling
  • Understand cable and conduit routing

There are certain groups of audiences for whom this training is ideal. Professionals who are looking to establish themselves in a career in pipe designing and piping administration can enrol for this course. Draftsmen and designers, as well as professionals in this field wanting to upgrade their skills, should participate in this course.  After having already worked in real word scenarios, these working professionals will understand concepts and examples better than others.

The role played by SP3D in plant modeling and simulation

Different industries need personnel knowledgeable about SP3D to prepare detailed engineering product designs. SP3D is a data-oriented, rules-driven solution which streamlines all engineering processes. With help from such professionals, engineering designs can be completed on time.

Advantages of using SP3D

It is already seen that SP3D streamlines the engineering process. There are other advantages as well:

Multi discipline design- It allows all the parties to constantly view the design in progress.

Data quality, design integrity- SP3D professionals learn how to enforce design rules, for consistency and design accuracy. Such rules reduce errors for better project quality.

This software is unique to engineering design. One can learn a lot from SP3D Electrical Training and Certifications.


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