How SQL Azure Holds the Key for Microsoft’s Database Server Future

With the release of Microsoft MCSA SQL Server 2012, Microsoft solved toppled several limitations of the Server 2008, and this new version has been widely appreciated by developers and firms. One of the main features of MCSA SQL Server 2012, SQL Azure is specifically being treasured as it has become the backbone of Microsoft cloud service.


Why Azure is so dear to Microsoft?

Currently, if there is an application that doesn’t run on a cloud, then it is rendered as useless. From firms to developers and communities, everybody is embracing the development of cloud network, which will pave the way for communication and data storage in future. This shift has become a necessity, and therefore, to keep pace with growing demand, Microsoft had to introduce its cloud-based SQL Server platform, SQL Azure. Azure revolutionized the way database server was operated before, as it provides relational database management system features for enterprises at only a fraction of the cost of hardware and licenses requisites of yesteryears.

Why SQL Azure will be the future of database hosting?

The first and foremost thing that puts SQL Azure ahead of in-house SQL Server instances is that it offers all the features and functionalities of the traditional SQL Server through a “cloud” mechanism, with reduced costing and accelerated access, which makes it highly worthy. SQL Azure uses a single physical server to host databases from different customers, unlike current SQL Server where only the operator’s database is present. Some prominent beneficial features of SQL Azure include:

  • Easy to adapt to

SQL Azure will be quite easy and smooth for developers to adopt, as it provides recognizable approach in architecture for authentication, communication and development.

  • High Degree of feature

In correspondence to features, SQL Azure provides a great degree of familiarity and improved interface with mixture of levels of support. Some new features are added to facilitate developer’s need, whilst some are omitted for enhanced functionality.

Future for developers

The SQL Server developers and professionals will need to adapt to Azure platform to keep pace with the growing demand for higher authentication with cloud-based technology.

A comprehensive Microsoft certification training will certainly help a professional in the domain to develop essential skills regarding Azure concepts, which is the future in the SQL Server platform.


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