How to become SAP EHS Consultant?

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An environmental, health & safety (EHS) consultant provides advice related to the risk factors that the company may face relating to health issues, safety concerns. SAP EHS Training will help you in becoming an SAP EHS consultant. If you have completed SAP navigation or have equivalent knowledge, you are eligible to pursue this SAP EHS module training.

When you are talking about SAP EHS, you are specifically talking about the management of the environment, health and safety part of SAP. If you plan to learn SAP EHS, then you are supposed to know the pre-requisites that we have mentioned below. This software solution is usually used to maintain industrial hygiene and safety. Organizations use it for the well-being of manpower along with organizational products. The day-to-day job of SAP EHS training is not simple but actually quite diverse job in nature. You have to look at the customer’s total work process before creating their implementation process and completing them successfully. When you first start, look at the EHS process and dive deep to analyze that process of your customer. That deep dive will give you an idea about what are the natures of business of your customers to know the requirements they specifically need in their business environment. Then set up the SAP and train the end customers about the system by organizing specific workshops related to their business industry.

Write specifications, develop the programming and finally test them properly in both black box and white box methods before you hand over it to the end-users to use the software solutions.

Finally, an SAP EHS consultant will need to focus on the work process of end-users, and their handling and keep changing according to the requirements or specifications, and fully hand over the software solution for high scale usage of the users by going live. This is in short the role of SAP EHS consultants. If you have completed SAP navigation or have equivalent knowledge, you are eligible to pursue this SAP EHS module training. The course module is, however, designed for EHS Management power users, EHS Management IT personnel, professionals associated with the SAP EHS implementation, professionals keen on familiarizing themselves with the basic functionalities of SAP EHS Management, and professionals who want to familiarize themselves with the basic functionalities of SAP EHS Management.



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