How to efficiently & speedily perform new basic admin tasks in Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 is integrated with advanced features that provide ease of usage working with operating system in comparison to Windows Server 2008 R2. It also provides reduced cost, continuous availability & lower management head are the primary ones.

Below mentioned 5 tips will help you perform simple tasks (which have changed from the Server 2008 R2) more efficiently and speedily in Server 2012. A quality Windows Server 2012 Certification Training will help you learn more about additional features and working tips:

Working with ‘Search’ feature

Press ‘Windows Key’, and then switch the desktop screen to ‘Start’ screen. Type the term you are looking for and you will get instant results.

For finding something within a particular folder, press ‘Windows + E’ to open ‘File Explorer’. Browse to that particular folder in the left pane, head over to the right-hand top corner search box, and type in your search term.


Shutting down or restarting the server

Because of missing ‘Start’ menu, the best way to access shutdown & restart commands is to press ‘Windows + I’ and then head over to the bottom of ‘Settings’ & click ‘Power’.

Managing Windows 8 with Server 2012

For this, you can leverage the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) provided by Microsoft. Install these on the workstation with Windows 8. This wizard also adds the feature of Server Manager from Server 2012 to Windows 8, using which you can efficiently control various servers in which Server 2012 is installed.

Joining a domain

Click on blue icon from ‘Start’ menu or on desktop taskbar – head over to left pane of Server Manager – click on ‘Local Server’ – move to ‘Properties’ in central pane – click right-side link if ‘Computer name or Domain’. Join a domain or rename the server.

Open Command Prompt

Press ‘Windows + X’ to run command prompt.  Or type ‘cmd’ on the ‘Start’ screen, and then from the search results, select ‘Command Prompt’.

These are basic tasks which you can efficiently and speedily function by following these tips. For detailed working knowledge of the Windows Server2012, it is better to practically understand the complete know-how with a quality course in Windows Server 2012 Training Institute in Noida, or anywhere else.


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