How to Get Started with Dot Net Training?

For those contemplating dot net training, a lot of confusion is in the mind. Aspiring .NET developers have numerous unanswered questions such as is this software expensive, its capabilities, configuration requirements and so on. The following information assists in setting the perspective. .NET is an evergreen technology that is currently undergoing paradigm shifts for the better.

Choosing the language


There is no .NET programming language per se. Rather it is a framework. .NET provides an environment that allows developers to use numerous programming languages. The list includes C#, Ruby, Lisp, Python and Visual Basic.NET. So which is the programming language to choose? C# is the language of choice and is by far the most popular. Most open source software products built on .NET are written in C#. Being a derivative of C++, it has powerful object oriented facilities. Even people with Java background can transition as C# developers.

Another option is Visual Basic.NET. Learn this language if endowed with prior macro and script writing experience for MS Office applications. For those already having this experience can avoid being bored of the sea of semicolons in this programming language!

Choosing the platform

The choice of platform depends on the type of apps that you want to build. Is it web, desktop, Windows Phone applications? Or applications for the Windows 8 Store? In an advanced .net training institute, if someone is building a website or web app, the default option is ASP.NET MVC – Model, View, Controller. There is yet another useful web architecture. It is called the ASP.NET Web Forms that is used sparingly unless the requirement is that of supporting an application already built on Web Forms.

The best place to learn? Of course, at an institute. The best pace to learn – as dictated by instructors. Learning on one’s own is time consuming. Why re-invent the wheel?  Knowledge is out there for the taking. Enrol for a dot net training, and get going the trail you want to take!


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