How to prepare for Exam AZ-204 ?

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  • You need to be familiar with Azure Functions, Azure ARM Templates, Azure Web Apps, Azure Cosmo DB and some more things related to Azure to go for MS Azure AZ-204 Exam Preparation Certification. 
  • AZ-204 Exam Preparation Certification will help you to pass this exam just in 50 days. 
  • AZ-204 Exam Preparation Certification will impart the knowledge of implementing Azure functions, creating Azure App Service Web Apps, implementing IaaS solutions, and optimizing Azure solutions.

Are you a System Engineer, Network Engineer, or Cloud Administrator? If yes, this post is perfectly written for you. Here is a golden opportunity to pass the AZ-204 exam just in less than 2 months. We have brought forward a few things that are essential for the aspirants of MS Azure AZ-204 Preparation Guide Certification. You are supposed to be familiar with Azure Container Registry, Azure Functions, Azure ARM Templates, Azure Web Apps, Azure Cosmo DB, Azure Monitor, Azure Vault, Azure Storage Account, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Event Grid, Queue Storage queues, and Azure Cache for Redis if you are an aspirant of this exam.

This certification is also ideal for Cloud Solution Architects, cloud computing professionals, cloud solution providers, Microsoft Azure enthusiasts, and professionals who want to clear Developing Solutions for MS Azure examination. AZ-204 Exam Preparation Guide will help you in building apps with event-based or message-based architectures, dealing with Cosmos Database and Azure Blog Storage, analyzing Azure-based applications, troubleshooting Azure-based applications, and deploying the App Service platform. You will know the different types of caching that can improve app performance.

MS Azure has become one of the most leading technologies preferred by corporate companies. The world of technology is continuously changing and evolving, so do the concerned technology. It is true that aspirants go for this certification to gain a detailed understanding of Microsoft Azure solutions, but the exam guide also prepares them to know the changing dynamics of this technology. However, the aspirants of AZ-204 need to know various Azure-supported programming languages. If you want to earn this course, you will have to carry professional development experience with Microsoft Azure of one year or more. AZ-204: Developing solutions for Microsoft Azure Course will impart the knowledge of implementing IaaS solutions, implementing Azure functions, creating Azure App Service Web Apps, implementing API Management, developing event-based solutions, optimizing Azure solutions, developing message-based solutions, developing solutions that use blob storage, implement secure cloud solutions, developing App Service Logic Apps, and integrating caching and content delivery within solutions.


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