HP Loadrunner For Efficient Load Testing of Applications

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Do you want to learn how to prevent performance problems in various applications? This can be done by learning from the HP Loadrunner training course, taught at several reputed training institutes. It is a software testing tool specifically manufactured by Hewlett Packard to test applications, measure the system performance and system behaviour due to load. This tool can simultaneously handle thousands of users on application software at the same time, record and later analyse main components of the application.


Key components of HP Loadrunner 

The main components of the Loadrunner tool are as follows:

  • Load Generator- It generates the load as experienced against the application through scripts.
  • VuGen (Virtual User Generator)- Generates and edits scripts.
  • Controller– It controls, launches and sequences jobs in the Load Generator, stating which scripts to use, time duration, etc. The Controller gets real time monitoring data during runs.
  • Agent process– It is responsible for the connection between Controller and Load Generator instances.
  • Analysis– It brings together logs from all the load generators and formats reports for visualising and monitoring run data.

 HP Loadrunner is a powerful tool which can be used by both beginners as well as experienced developers. It is a great tool to determine the load an application can handle, which helps to resolve issues before the application goes live. 2010 onwards, HP has made the Loadrunner available through cloud computing services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Version 12.50 of the Loadrunner included the use of Google Compute Engine.

Major advantages of HP Loadrunner

  • Interactive User Transaction Simulation– It drastically brings down time required to simulate user transactions during load testing.
  • Supports several apps– A range of applications are supported by Loadrunner, which include Ajax, Java, .NET, HTML5, GWT, Silverlight, Citrix, ERP, Legacy and others.
  • Extensive mobile testing- It measures the complete mobile performance, inclusive of device level, network and backend.
  • Extensive cloud testing- Simple and elastic load testing can be run from different geographies by scaling cloud load testing up or down as per application demands.
  • Continuous testing- Load testing can be integrated into one’s development tools, such as IDE, Selenium and Microsoft Visual Studio.

HP Loadrunner can be taught as part of several software training courses in reputed institutes.


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