IBM FileNet: An Overview

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In today’s digitally advanced world, companies need a document management system. Every industry, including IT, healthcare, manufacturing, automobile, beauty products, finance, make extensive use of documents, like marketing brochures, project proposals, technical documents, HR guidelines and training materials. IBM FileNet training teaches participants the FileNet Core Components including Application Engine/WorkplaceXT and Process Engine. After going through the IBM FileNet training courses, candidates get proficient in administering, monitoring and configuring components of an IBM FileNet Content Manager system.

IBM FileNet is a document management tool that provides enterprise content, security, and storage features along with process management capabilities. It is used by enterprises to gain secure mobile-anytime access across content stores and support the business processes. Let’s explore some of the functions and features that make IBM FileNet better that its major competitors.

  • Content Authoring

Content authoring means creating and packaging content that is deliverable to end users. When it comes to the capabilities related to content authoring offered by the software, FileNet strongly dominates its competitors as it excels in terms of functionalities supported off the shelf.

  • Content Acquisition

FileNet strongly outpaces other document management tools by making the process of gathering of content from networks, aggregators and other sources seamless.

  • Content Aggregation

Aggregation is collection of information based on a common topic involving one or more related keywords. Information gathering helps enterprises keep up with the constant upgrading of technology, the continuous evolution of the internet and the digitizing of businesses.

  • Social Content Management

Businesses use FileNet to stay on top of the evolving social media world.  It enables them to like and add comments or view the discussion associated with any managed object.

  • Integration with other business solutions

FileNet easily integrates with third-party solutions, such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office, to help increase user productivity.

IBM FileNet training programs help system administrators and solution builders learn about the IBM FileNet Content Manager. They focus on the basic architecture and how IBM FileNet Content Manager can be used to solve real-world business challenges. These courses are ideal for aspirants who want to learn about components, features, common use cases, the core web applications, Administration Console for Content Platform Engine, and using ACCE to find classes, folders, and property templates in an object store.

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