Important Features and Benefits of Primavera P6

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Primavera P6, enterprise project portfolio management software, allows all involved in a project to carefully monitor resource availability. It allows the project managers in breaking large projects into smaller, achievable projects, tasks, and activities. Oracle Primavera P6 Project Management Training helps the aspirants in learning how to navigate the user interface, Baseline the project plan, report project data, and calculate project risk. 

Primavera is a professional and amazing project portfolio software program launched in 1983. The employees of this project are professionals, schedulers, engineers, planners, and other people involved with planning, management, project reporting. It is integrated with other enterprise software such as Oracle and SAP ERP systems. There is a wide range of Software packages is marketed under the brand name of Primavera Systems. These software packages collectively form a comprehensive enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM). The features and benefits are given below:

Important features of Primavera P6

Your project may require additional resources, activities, and tasks to meet stakeholder demands. Primavera P6 was launched to fulfill your dreams. You will be able to keep control over multiple programs or projects with its help. When a new project closely mirrors a previous project, Project Managers can copy information from the Oracle database in a few seconds. Primavera P6 allows all involved in a project to carefully monitor resource availability. When your schedule has inconsistencies, errors, or overrun issues, project expenses will grow than using Primavera P6 helps identify and mitigate risks in the course of planning, managing, and completing a project.

Important benefits of Primavera P6

It is easy to use the software. Primavera P6 offers many complex analyses and processes while accessing and managing the schedule remains simple and P6 may be used throughout an entire project, even large, multi-tier projects. This software solution allows users to rapidly generate reports, ensure all projects are completed as requested, and maintain baseline observance. 

It offers an enhanced level of visibility. Compliance and visibility with political and environmental regulations are among the top priorities for project managers and business executives as it allows all data to be entered, tracked, and analyzed in one location.

Oracle Primavera enables executive-level staff to communicate with other workers, project managers, and planners easily and can be made to the schedule in the software to ensure all users see the message. Since communication is enhanced throughout a project, it’s easy to see how improved communication translates into improved collaboration. For example, projects in the energy production industries may require collaboration between many different parties.


By making the scheduling and planning process easier, this enterprise project portfolio management software gives employees responsibility for schedule creation. Plus, it allows the project managers in breaking large projects into smaller, achievable projects, tasks, and activities. Once you have obtained Primavera P6 training, you may be able to gain access to better career opportunities, attain a higher position in your company, and increase your salary.

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