India need brilliant mathematicians to lead in the field of artificial intelligence

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Technology giant Apple developed chips for iPhones, and they are now doing it for the other products. Another company, Google is doing it for its AI-controlled gadgets and Pixel phones. The world’s largest e-commerce marketplace and AI assistant provider Amazon has also developed an AI-based chip to work with its cloud infrastructure. We all are familiar with the fact that the United States and China are blessed with great chip design talents, but the US talent is not enough for the top-rated companies in the US. So, they are now looking forward to India for hiring relevant skills.

At the same time, some of the world’s biggest Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine Learning companies are coming to India. So, the country needs capable math talents to serve the diverse requirements of these companies. For creating world-class solutions, these companies would be looking for skilled and innovative people in the field of mathematics. As per math professor at New York University, Srinivasa Varadhan, the process of creating machine learning algorithms might be experimental without enough number of talents in the field of mathematics. Manjul Bhargava, another mathematician from Princeton University, believes that the country can lead the fourth industrial revolution if it can produce enough number of math and statistics talents.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have become so affordable to be applied in many areas, including some of the daily life areas. India can boost its medical diagnosis by creating highly effective bots, especially voice bots and chat bots. It will push the medical tourism in the environment of in the country. However, skilled people from the world of mathematics are required to ensure that the bots are working correctly.

You can still prepare yourself for this industry without having done the AI engineering or pursued the Math Honors Program. Go for artificial intelligence training and get the skills required for the AI industry. To serve the AI-based companies across the sub-continent, thousands of training institutes have come forward to provide artificial intelligence trainings. Interestingly, the number of training institutes are increasing on a daily basis. Both the tier A and tier B cities are adding institutes with artificial intelligence trainings.

Whether it is AI Training in Noida or Pune, you don’t need to invest much for your training in any tier B city. Most of the training institutes in tier B cities are offering cost-effective training solutions to the working and non-working people. But yes, you need to be cautious in the selection of the institute. It is advisable to prefer a certified institute over any recently started training center. Certified institutes charge more, but most of the certified institutes maintain a minimum level of accuracy in the modules provided. So, try to get your training from a certified training institute.

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