Insights of the features of Blockchain technology

Enhanced Capacity: One of the most important features of Blockchain technology is that it enhances the capacity of the complete network. As because there are numerous computer systems working together, it provides a great power then few of the devices.

Optimum Security: As because there is not a single chance of shutting down system, Blockchain provides an optimum level security. This is because that blockchain network is secured by numerous systems called nodes and these nodes validate the transaction on this network.

Immutability: One of the main values of Blockchain technology is creating immutable. Every centralized database has a concern of getting hacked and they need a trust in the third party to keep the database secure.

Rapid Settlement: This is one of the factors that banking institutes requires to update their banking systems. This issue can be resolved by the Blockchain technology as it can settle money transfer at very rapid pace

Decentralized System: This feature of Blockchain technology facilities you the power to store your data in a network which is further retrieved via internet, Data can be anything like a contract, a file etc.



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