Installation and Deployment CRM Training – Learn MS Dynamics Technical and Functional Skills

In the installation and deployment CRM training participants learn general installation and configuration skills of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. Aspirants gain the required capabilities to deploy this solution. They understand the hardware and software prerequisites for the successful deployment of the solution. Additionally, there are installation requirements of the components that constitute the solution. The names of the components are Email Router, Installation and Deployment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Training for Office Outlook, CRM Server.

Ms Dynamic

Who can take up this course?

These skills can be developed by professionals involved in deployment and administration activities. Those involved in system integration and support work can also develop these skills too. It is desirable, but not mandatory that candidates have prior knowledge of the following:

  • Microsoft Windows Server – It is Microsoft’s proprietary operating system technology.
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) = It is Microsoft’s proprietary web server technology. It supports several protocols namely HTTP, SMTP, NNTP etc.
  • Active Directory  – Microsoft’s directory service.
  • Microsoft Exchange – Mail server from Microsoft, used also for contact management, calendaring etc.
  • Microsoft SQL Server – Relational database management system.

Takeaways from the learning program

After completing ERP training classes, participants develop strong technical and functional skills. They understand the functioning of the components that constitute the successful deployment of this CRM solution. They are able to recognize and specify the hardware and software pre-requisites for CRM implementation. Not just installation of the CRM Server, participants learn to install CRM Reporting Extensions, configuring E-mail Router, install MS Dynamics for Outlook. They learn how to set up claims-based authentication. The CRM can be deployed in an Internet facing mechanism as well.

This is a comprehensive skill-set that is always in demand. There is a perennial need of people with technical and functional skills who are well-versed with MS Dynamics CRM. Installation and Deployment CRM training is definitely a trump course for a lucrative career stream.

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