Installing Citrix XenApp in organizations to access the enterprise applications remotely

Nowadays, organizations increasingly use XenApp to access enterprise applications from wide-ranging devices and to improve the efficiency of their employees and let. However, to create enterprise apps for remote presentation using XenApp, organizations must install the application on a centrally situated XenApp Terminal Server in the datacenter.

The XenApp installed centrally on the terminal servers enables using the Citrix HDX remote protocol which is an enhancement over Microsoft RDP protocol. Also, XenApp loads balancing over superfluous XenApp      Servers.

XenApp also has functionality to present multi-user desktops to professionals in organizations.Organizations require a devoted server infrastructure with database components and web services to present apps with Citrix XenApp. The components of XenApp comprises of-

  • Application servers in order to host the published applications
  • Citrix learning server
  • Data collector
  • SQL database to store configuration information on published applications
  • Citrix web Interface to access applications with a web browser
  • Citrix Receiver to the launch the applications on the endpoints
  • Intermediate between web interface and XenApp Servers, XML Service and Broker

In order to work and install Citrix XenApp properly and effectively in organizations, candidates have to be well-versed with working and different modules of XenApp. Citrix XenApp training enables the professionals to be efficient to work with Citrix XenApp. Among various Training Courses that Citrix offer, Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration is increasingly taken up by candidates. Organizations also conduct in-house corporate training program to make their employees competent as per the industry standards. The authorized training on XenApp 6.5 provides the candidates in-depth knowledge required for a Citrix XenApp administrator. It enables the candidates to manage and centralize apps efficiently in a datacenter and carry them right away to users as a service. The Citrix XenApp administration training leads candidates to several promising posts

  • Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) (CCAA),
  • Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer (CCEE),
  • Citrix Certified Instructor (CCI) and
  • Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA).

The training providers of Citrix XenApp provides foundation necessary for administrators to install and configure Citrix XenApp for Citrix Receiver and plug-ins and much more effectively. It helps organization to build proficient teams of administrators and improve their performance to a great extent.


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