Interview Question Top 10 Interview questions of Saviynt one should prepare


Saviynt is a leading provider of cloud-based identity governance and access management solutions. As organizations increasingly migrate their operations to the cloud, the demand for skilled Saviynt professionals is on the rise. If you’re seeking a career in Saviynt, preparing for the interview is crucial. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 Saviynt interview questions and answers that you should be ready to tackle.

Saviynt Fundamentals and Integration

a) What is Saviynt, and what are its key features?

Answer: Saviynt is a cloud-native identity governance and access management platform that helps organizations secure their critical applications, data, and infrastructure. Its key features include access governance and intelligence, identity lifecycle management, access request and provisioning, application access and data access governance, and risk-based access certifications.

b) How does Saviynt integrate with other applications?

Answer: Saviynt integrates with a wide range of applications and systems, such as HR systems, directory services, and cloud platforms, using APIs, connectors, and agents. These integrations allow Saviynt to manage user identities and access across the entire IT ecosystem.

Access Governance and Identity Lifecycle Management

a) What is access governance, and why is it essential in Saviynt?

Answer: Access governance refers to the process of ensuring that users have appropriate access to resources within an organization. It involves defining, implementing, and monitoring access controls and policies. In Saviynt, access governance is essential to ensure that users have the necessary permissions to perform their job duties while minimizing security risks and compliance violations.

b) What is the role of access request and provisioning in Saviynt?

Answer: Access request and provisioning involve granting or modifying user access to resources based on predefined policies and workflows. In Saviynt, access request and provisioning help organizations maintain appropriate access levels for users, ensuring that they have the necessary permissions to perform their job duties.

c) How does Saviynt manage the identity lifecycle?

Answer: Saviynt manages the identity lifecycle through a series of processes that include onboarding, updating, and offboarding user accounts. These processes ensure that user access remains appropriate throughout their tenure within the organization. Saviynt automates many of these tasks, reducing manual intervention and the risk of human error.

Application and Data Access Governance

a) How does Saviynt govern access to applications and data?

Answer: Saviynt governs access to applications and data by implementing fine-grained access controls and policies based on user attributes, such as role, department, and location. This ensures that users have appropriate access to resources and that sensitive data remains protected.

b) What are risk-based access certifications, and why are they important in Saviynt?

Answer: Risk-based access certifications are periodic reviews of user access to resources, focusing on high-risk areas and potential compliance issues. In Saviynt, risk-based access certifications are important to maintain continuous compliance and ensure that users have appropriate access levels.

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Preparing for these top 10 interview questions and answers on Saviynt Online Training will help you showcase your knowledge and expertise in the platform during your job interview. By understanding the fundamentals, access governance, identity lifecycle management, application and data access governance, and security and compliance aspects of Saviynt, you will be better equipped to land a role in the fast-growing field of Saviynt identity governance and access management.


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