Is it difficult to become a Google Cloud Architect?

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The Google Cloud Platform exams have lots of similarities with AWS exams. But it is more difficult than the AWS exam as per expert comment. The main difference is that Google expects that every Solutions Architect to come from a Dev background which is not an issue but some would be quite frightened off by a question asking them to debug some python code which is not necessary. GCP certification training revolves entirely around efficiently performing the Cloud Architect role, rather than around the platform itself, and significant value in this because it may better represent real-world capability. But this can also make it much harder because the scope is almost limitless. 

Even though the AWS and Google ask almost only scenario questions on their Pro exams, to determine which the right answers were. For example, a question might specify information A and a reply might talk about C and G, but you have to identify all the services, necessities, and business motivations filling in B, D, E, and F, for a solution. AWS does this too (and it’s one of the things mentioned in the Cert Prep Guide), but Google did this even more, in our opinion. 

Google’s Professional Cloud Architect (PCA) certification exam is more difficult according to test-takers. It requires you to have solid experience. If we compare with AWS, both do test skills of the candidates based on scenario-based questions, but GCP’s exam focuses a little more out on Google which requires candidates to have a developer background. For example, sometimes GCP creates a question that is in no way related to Google, but GCP thinks it’s significant to have that particular knowledge, as AWS has the same things. Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) exam requires you to correct theoretical problems realistically by thinking through the data flows. If you want to know more about GCP and also want to be trained in it, you can check out the GCP certification course and also get an idea from their module for preparing the exam for next.

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