Is Red Hat System Administration a Good Career Choice?

Businesses are gradually becoming data driven to make important business decisions as well as focus on future growth. At a time when organizations are equipping themselves with the latest technology to keep an edge over their competitors, the need for individuals certified in Red Hat system administration have definitely shot up. With Linux being a favorable choice in the IT infrastructure (even Facebook runs on Linux), ample career opportunities are available as a Red Hat systems administrator. Experts in Red Hat administration are employed in different industries like healthcare, financial services, telecommunications and government.

Red Hat System Administration Certificate can Benefit in Different Ways

In order to earn the certification, candidates are required to pass the hands-on exam where they need to complete different tasks using the technology they are trained on. Employers are well aware of the fact that passing the exam is no easy task as candidates need to be well aware of how to configure and implement the technologies available. Thus, there is always a steep demand for certified candidates who can undertake the tasks of a company with confidence and ease. Apart from that, it is only through a skilled and knowledgeable employee; an organization can reap the benefits from the technologies and move towards greater success. The translation of successful technology to successful business actually depends on the expertise of the workforce.

Lastly, earning a Red Hat certification makes the candidate a part of the Red Hat world which can be verified easily by the employers.


Red Hat Certified System Administrators can Perform Different Tasks:

To get the Red Hat system administration certificate, candidates are required to have sharp skills and thorough understanding of the technology. A certified Red Hat expert is capable of performing a wide variety of tasks which include:

  • Making use of advanced tools to handle directories, files, documentation and more
  • Configuring local storage with the help of logic volumes and partitions
  • Operating running systems which also include identifying processes, controlling services, running virtual machines, etc.
  • Managing security which includes SELinux configuration and basic firewall
  • Creating and configuring file systems as well as file system attributes like encryptions, permissions, network file systems and access control lists

Salary and Future Prospect as a Red Hat System Administrator

The demand for skilled Red Hat certified system administrator is on the rise and people who are already working as Red Hat experts are enjoying handsome salaries from their organizations. The average income of a Red Hat system administrator is around $ 95,000. However, it is also a fact that salaries may vary considerably depending on experience, industry, location and company.

With technology changing at a rapid pace, the RHCSA certification is a great choice for candidates who wish to be a part of system administration. The prospects are many and good performance can pave the way for an exciting and fulfilling career in the near future. A proper guidance is a necessary part of achieving such a certification and candidates can choose from different institutions that offer best in class Red Hat training courses.


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