ISO/IEC 27000: Security Standards ensuring Informational and Organizational Security

The ISO/IEC 27000 series, popularly abbreviated as ‘ISO27K’ or known as ‘ISMS Family of Standards’ encompasses information security standards which have been developed and published by sub-committee 27 of the First Joint Technical Committee of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electro technical Commission (IEC). Now-a-days, businesses are operating under huge risks of losing vital information due to excessive growth of computer and system hackers. So the need for an efficient security system is rising rapidly. The ISO/IEC 27000 series is a part of the family of ISO/IEC 27000 Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) standards which these businesses employ in order to ensure informational and organizational security.

ISO/IEC 27000

ISO/IEC 27000 gives an overview of the entire ISO/IEC 27000 family of Information Security Management System and also provides a glossary of basic terms and formal definition used throughout the ISO/IEC 27000 family. The ISO 27K series has been exclusively set aside by International Organization for Standardization but is similar to some other topics such as ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 which is used for the purpose of managing information security risks and controls within an organization. There are several benefits of ISO/IEC 27000 Information security Management, some of them being:

  • Identifying risks and managing or reducing them by effective control.
  • Gaining the trust of the stakeholders and customers on their security system.
  • Adapting to controls in all areas of business.
  • Demonstrating compliance and meeting more tender expectations.

There ISO/IEC 27000 training and certification courses provide guidance to professionals involved in security management system in various organizations. These ISO/IEC 27000 Certifications include:

  • The ISO/IEC 27000 series Foundation Certification Training course provides the IT and non IT professionals with a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts of ISM.
  • The ISO/IEC 27000 series Advanced Certification Training course guides the I.T professionals involved in Information Security Management in applying the principles of security management by creating a practical environment.
  • The ISO/IEC 27000 series Expert Certification Training course leads the I.T professionals working in ISM environment to successful implementation of ISM principles.
  • The ISO /IEC 27001 Certificate are the proof of the fact that the I.T service provider has a consistent and reliable Information Service Management System.

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