ISTQB Certification – Take up This Globally Accepted Testing Certification to Boost Career Prospects

An ISQTB certification is a value-add for software testers who want a credential that demonstrates their competence in software quality assurance. This credential has been issued in more than 100 countries in the world. The rate at which credentials are awarded is 12000 every quarter. Businesses around the world are struggling to keep post-product defects under control. A post-production defect is estimated to cost in the range of $4000 – $5000. Testers with this credential can reduce the number of post-production bugs, thus saving thousands of dollars.


Why organizations need ISTQB certified professionals?

Businesses worldwide are looking for testers with this credential for a variety of reasons. The following are some of them.

Reduction of defects

Analysis shows that the skills imbibed as part of training for this credential from a reputed training institute reduced post-production defects. It enhanced software testing quality, lowered costs, and shortened schedules.

Reduction in technology insurance costs

Hiring certified software testers reduced insurance costs. Some insurance companies assess technology insurance costs on software based on whether the testers who tested the product have ISTQB certification or not.

Faster delivery

Test managers reported that using the body of knowledge as encompassed by this credential including its glossary of software testing terms, led to better collaboration and greater efficiency. There was better cross-team collaboration and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

Global-ready company

ISTQB is the de factor software quality assurance standard given that their testers with this credential in more than 70 countries. The credential is available in multiple languages which makes it a truly global body of knowledge. So companies subscribing to this school of thought are global-ready.

Aspiring software testers and existing ones can take up this credential to improve their career prospects. They not only imbibe world-class knowledge, but have standardized knowledge and skills that can be transferable across organizations. Therefore an ISTQB certification opens up a world of opportunities.

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