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Organizations are looking for AI experts to effectively implement AI into their businesses and drive value. There is a significant increase in investment and adoption of AI by enterprises. According to several researches, AI market is expected to grow to more than $47 billion by 2020. Apart from skills like analytical thinking, statistics, critical thinking and the ability to solve problems with cost-effective solutions, it requires foresight about technological innovations that translate to state-of-the-art programs and allow businesses to remain competitive. All successful AI professionals share common characteristics that enable them to succeed and advance in their careers. Artificial Intelligence training develops the insight of the candidates on optimizing the AI to reach its maximum potential in the real world and in the live scenarios.

With spam filters, smart email categorization, smart personal assistants, sales and business forecasting, process automation, and security surveillance, AI is helping enterprises enter an era governed by data. It is not easy to incorporate machine learning into their existing systems, and hence they need trained and certified AI professionals to tackle tasks like these. From finance, insurance, IT to e-commerce, firms are looking at leveraging AI for data management, analytics, and programming. Professionals with AI skills are highly in demands and also getting a handsome remuneration in the job market. Due to a shortage of talent, they are highly valued and get substantial hike while switching jobs. Some of the hottest AI skills to learn this year are natural language processing and generation, image-based analytics, chatbots, deep learning, machine learning, and robotic processes automation.

As per, top tech recruiters are increasingly looking for people with expertise in artificial intelligence (AI). In order to seize these opportunities, professionals need to upgrade their skillset in order to take up roles as AI experts. As industries continue to gain scale on the back of increased technological deployment, a steady increase will be observed in hiring in the coming years. More and more professionals are preparing themselves for new-age job roles. Some of the most popular AI jobs among professionals are software engineer, data scientist, AI researcher, intelligence specialists, consultant, AI data analyst, ML engineer, etc. Multisoft Systems has curated several comprehensive AI courses to enable professionals to navigate the world of decision science. The industry expert trainers go all out to close the AI skills gap and train the participants for future opportunities in companies such as Google and Amazon.

About the author: Nisha Negi is a Technical Content Writer at Multisoft Systems. She writes blog posts and articles on various technical subjects. She is an experienced IT professional, and bears immense knowledge of the latest technology. She stays current with all the ongoing and upcoming certifications. Her way of expression is contemporary and crisp.


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