Know How Microsoft Dynamics AX Is Beneficial for Professionals

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Microsoft Dynamics AX is transforming the businesses’ performance by managing complexity, improving profitability and giving a competitive advantage to the organizations. It is far-reaching and influencing various departments in the business. Professionals working as executives or in departments, like Finance, Project Management, Sales, and IT need to be thorough with this popular ERP solution, in order to excel in their respective fields. Today, we are discussing how Microsoft Dynamics AX Training program benefits professionals in different roles.

  1. Executives

As an executive, you need real-time tools for quickly analyzing the performance of the business. It allows you to make better business decisions and react spontaneously to new business opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution helps you in monitoring performance and maximizing profitability. It improves visibility across the organization by using personalized dashboards to monitor key performance metrics. With the knowledge of this ERP solution, you can improve project delivery and increase billable utilization for your company. It allows tracking of project opportunities, and hence affects the revenue growth.

  1. Finance and Accounting Professional

Finance and Accounting professional is responsible for maximizing the firm’s financial resources to ensure that the firm can meet its business objectives. This training program will help you in understanding how to accelerate cash flow and reduce DSO by quickly capturing and approving project time. You will be recognized as an asset to the company as you will be able to achieve corporate compliance and improve financial controls.  The financial management capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics AX allow the user to increase forecasting accuracy by using flexible accounting and budgeting.

  1. Project Managers

The project management functionality helps in planning, managing, controlling and tracking the organization’s various projects easily. A project manager is expected to effectively manage the project teams, and to complete the projects on time within the budget. Hence, it requires monitoring the project budgets, coordinating resources, and communicating with clients. All of this is facilitated by the Microsoft ERP solution. It helps in streamlining the project processes, improving resource scheduling, and managing project budgets. As a PM, the learning from this training program will help you in assigning resources, managing direct and indirect costs, and monitoring budgets.

  1. Sale and Marketing Professionals

The sales and marketing module empowers the professionals with capabilities to increase sales and build customer relationships. For the sales and marketing team, customer relationship is a chief priority. With the help of Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can view the real-time customer data, and improve customer relationships by identifying customer’s needs. It has proven to increase sales and marketing effectiveness by identifying the up-selling opportunities. It gives a 360-degree view of all client interactions and communications for better customer service. As a marketing professional, you can benefit from automating marketing campaigns by utilizing detailed client and prospect data.

  1. IT Professionals

An IT professional deals with the complexity of the IT operations on a daily basis. Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution eliminates inefficient different IT systems by implementing a single business management platform. It simplifies IT management and gives control of the systems to the user.

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