Know the key aspects of AWS Training program

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AWS is a reliable and scalable cloud computing solution that is widely used to enhance your cloud investment. It offers database storage, computing power, content delivery and other functionality for the growth of business. It allows you to choose the operating system, web application platform, programming language, database, and any other services you want. AWS Training program is uniquely designed to provide you the sound knowledge of the concept of AWS so that you clear the AWS certification exam with ease. The training program will help you learn how the AWS suite can be used separately to address common issues in computing and how to develop robust, flexible and cost-effective cloud solutions. During the training program, you will be able to:

  • Learn proficient designing and deployment of AWS system
  • Elastic Load Balancing on multiple EC2 instances
  • Estimate costs and deliver mechanisms for cost control
  • Understand data ingress & egress to and from AWS
  • Lift and shift mechanism of AWS on-premises applications
  • Determine appropriate AWS on basis of database, computational and security requirements
  • Classify relevant and suitable uses of AWS architecture

Organizations that are using cloud computing require AWS and there will be other enterprises who will associate with the existing enterprises with cloud computing. During the program, you will get real time hands-on experience in working with Amazon Web Services, cloud computing and several components of cloud; Software as a Service, Platform as a Service,  Infrastructure as a Service and private cloud programming in AWS training in Noida. This training program is intended for those with some experience in AWS. If your role needs you to demonstrate business advantages of AWS and if you’re ready to move beyond foundational cloud computing understanding, this course is for you. The following professionals will get benefits from this program:

  • Solution Architects or Programmers
  • Graduates and professionals looking to improve their skills in the cloud computing domain
  • System and Network administrators

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