Learn all the basics of the Statistical Analysis System with base SAS training program

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System is a group of software applications provided by the SAS institute for business intelligence, advanced analytics, data management, multivariate analyses, and predictive analytics. Base SAS Training program is intended to provide you a comprehensive knowledge of SAS Programming language, tools and different analytic approach. The program also helps the students prepared for SAS certification exams. During the program, you will:

  • Understand analytics, tools and techniques used in analytics
  • Perform Do loop and SAS arrays processing for data iteratively
  • Learn the concept of SAS, Library statements, the role of the GUI, importing and exporting of data & variable attributes
  • Understand statistics, theory testing, and latest statistical techniques
  • Selecting variables and writing observations
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of the different types of Macro variables

This training program is best for analytics professionals who want to work with SAS, software developers interested in building a career in analytics and graduates seeking career in Analytics and Data Science. The candidates with an understanding of EXCEL and SQL can opt for the Base SAS Training in Noida. During this training, students will be able to build proficiency in data manipulation and debugging methods. The training program will drive the trainees through SAS windowing environment for executing conditional code and presents other SAS languages. SAS offers various IT certifications in the field of data management, data analytics, data mining, data warehousing, administration and more. These certifications have been divided into the following categories:

  • Foundation Tools
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Data Management & Administration

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