Learn the concepts of R Programming with R Programming training

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R programming language is a powerful tool used for visualization, statistics and data science. Owing to its usage in data aggregation, creating charts and plots, statistical Modeling and data manipulation, it has become the essential skill in the field of analytics for its open source credibility. R Programming training is especially programmed to help students understand the concepts of R programming and its implementation for data science and big data analytics. The training program provides hands-on learning experience that outlines R as a most used programming tool for solving practical data science problems. This program helps you build that knowledge through systematic learning modules. During the training program, you will:

  • Learn the concepts of R and its functioning
  • In-depth knowledge of all the functions of R like Stack, Merge, etc.
  • Learn to give values to variables, make repeat and factor levels
  • Learn to design plots, pie charts and vectors
  • Understand connectivity of Database
  • Know about linear and logistic regression and ODBC Tables reading
  • Deploy R programming for Hadoop applications
  • Performing sorting, analyze variance and the cluster

Begin with the basics of R, The training leads you through the verticals of the program, topics related to statistical modeling with R, advanced programming, modern graphics, R for six sigma professionals and R packages. Individuals with some basic knowledge of computer, statistics and topics like matrices and vectors can go for this training program. It is mainly intended for the professionals interested in data mining, statistical analysis, and visualization.  As R is widely used in various top organizations across the world, learning it will open several opportunities for the students and professionals.  R Programming training in Noida helps you grab top R programming jobs across the world through assignments lab, practice sessions and project work. In addition to this, the training program helps you prepare for R Certification exam. Hence, enroll in this program if you are looking a bright career in this field.

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