Learn the use of Multiple Products with Microsoft Windows Azure Fundamentals Training

Microsoft Azure formerly known as Windows Azure, it is created by Microsoft for cloud computing services to accomplish some internal purposes like building, testing, deploying and managing applications of its data centers. Microsoft Windows Azure is versatile software it supports many different programming languages, tools, and frameworks. It provides multiple services Saas, Iaas, and Paas.


Microsoft Azure services can be categorized into the following main product types:

  1. Compute the services are used to access virtual machines, containers, batch processing and remote application access.
  2. Web and mobile – the main activities of these courses is to support the development and deployment of the applications related to web and mobile, it also offers features for API management, notification and reporting.
  3. Data storage – the main work of this category is to provide service to the Database including SQL and NoSQL as well as unstructured and cached cloud storage.
  4. Analytics – these services are used for analytics and storage purpose basically, all types of analytics services could be performed using the procedures of this service. Some important analytics services may be like distributed analytics and storage, real-time analytics, big data analytics, Data Lake and machine learning and data warehousing.
  5. Networking – the services of this group contains virtual networks, gateways, traffic management services, load balancing and domain name systems hosting.
  6. Media and content delivery network (CDN) – one of the best media services including on-demand streaming, media encoding, playback and indexing are the fundamental services of this product.
  7. Hybrid integration – overall it is a most helpful product which is used to server backup, data recovery, and establishes a connection between private and public clouds.
  8. Identity and access management (IAM) – another essential product of this category, it is used to manage access authority and identity. The product confirms only authorized users can employ the services of Microsoft Azure Services and help protect encryption keys and other secret information.
  9. Internet of Things (IoT) – with the help of scanning devices like camera and sensors the product help users to capture, monitor and analyze IoT data.
  10. Development – the best part of Azure is it supports multiple application programming languages – JavaScript, Python, .Net and Nodejs. It also helps developers for sharing code, test applications and track potential issues.
  11. Management and security – with so many features, how is it possible that it not helps management. Administrator can use this product to manage their Azure deployment, current situations of running jobs, can create automation and it is also responding to cloud security threats.

Microsoft Windows Azure Fundamental Training in Noida is planned for individuals as well as professionals who want to evaluate, configure, deploy and manage services and VMs using Microsoft Azure. The professionals who avail benefit from this fundamental training program are:

  • Programmers who want to create Microsoft Azure solutions
  • IT professionals who want to use Microsoft Azure to host websites and mobile app back-end services
  • Windows Server administrators who are seeking at the migration of on-premises Active Directory services and roles to the cloud
  • Database administrators who want to assess the products of Azure to use properly the SQL databases

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