Learning objectives of Informatica Training program

Informatica training program is designed to train you on how to administer the tool proficiently; and to improve your skills to the advance version. This training program extends the skills and knowledge of experienced Power Center developers. It will provide you the essential skills to manage services on this platform. The training program also helps you become an Informatica Developer & Informatica Administrator. During the training program, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Informatica PowerCenter architecture
  • Define Reusability & Scheduling in Workflow Manager
  • Understand the use of latest transformations
  • Design error handling strategies suitable for the intended purpose of a workflow
  • Describe the consequence of mapping design on performance
  • Understand design principles and best practices
  • Configure Workflow & sessions for recovery
  • Understand the Performance Tuning Methodology
  • Explain how to create users and groups
  • Implement techniques for loading Dimensional Tables
  • Configure the Informatica Administrator tool
  • Recognize & repair Connection Errors & Network errors
  • Illustrate how to create users and groups

The course provides you the overview of Informatica PowerCenter Product and its installation, the concepts of data integration and data warehousing. You will learn how different development units of PowerCenter can be used to create a simple mapping. Informatica Training in Noida introduces you to advanced transformation techniques, and ETL scenarios using Informatica. You will understand the features provided by Informatica to debug, troubleshoot and handle errors. You will learn the best practices for optimum performance of your ETL process; to manage the repository effectively. The training program is appropriate for:

  • Data Integration developers
  • BI/ETL/DW Professionals
  • Informatica Powercenter Administrators
  • Individual Contributors in the field of Enterprise Business Intelligence
  • Administrators with some experience managing either PowerCenter or Data Quality
  • Database developers and developer Managers new to Informatica PowerCenter
  • Informatica Administrators with some considerable experience in using PowerCenter or maintaining Data Quality

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