Learning the basics of Embedded Systems Development in AVR training

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With the computing becoming more ubiquitous in daily life, exposing IT candidates to embedded systems is increasingly required. Some of the features of embedded systems are single function, reactive to time, tightly constrained, re-engineering new designs taking ideas from old ones, manufacturing wired and wireless stacks etc.

Microcontrollers based embedded systems

The AVR family of microcontrollers helps the engineers and designers to be well-versed with the functionality of the embedded systems development. AVR microcontrollers use C for programming. These microcontrollers are used widely in robotics, embedded system control and data acquisition devices. Also, AVR microcontrollers are used in numerous applications such as safety, security, power train and various entertainment systems. These microcontrollers are manufactured by Atmel which are highly beneficial over other common microcontrollers.  Getting relevant training to work and design embedded systems with AVR helps candidates to match the industry standards effectively.

In training, candidates are taught about embedded systems development. In order to develop software and hardware for microcontroller based systems, it involves using wide-ranging tools including editors, assemblers, compilers, debuggers, simulators, emulators and flash programmers. Hence, knowledge of all these tools is essential to develop micro controller based systems. Many times, novice candidates get confuse about the working of different components in the development cycle due to lack of knowledge and skills. There are numerous approaches and technologies for emulation that make it difficult even for the veteran embedded engineers to select the right tools. Hence, AVR training in embedded systems helps novice and veteran candidates to get the knowledge to work with microcontrollers based embedded systems. Besides this, training helps candidates to earn recognition in the marketplace and add value to their resumes.

Helpful for novice and veteran engineers

There are numerous institutes across country offering AVR training courses in the working and features of micro controllers based embedded systems. These courses train candidates on working with the embedded systems efficiently and also offer placement assistance. The training broadens the knowledge base and the competencies of the candidates effectively and prepares them as per the industry standards. AVR training has proved to be really helpful for fresh graduates since they get the competencies and hands-on knowledge to work and design microcontrollers based embedded systems. They get up to date with latest enhancements in embedded systems. This gives a great kick start to their career and they get the potential to work with top companies.

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