Master ServiceNow® capabilities through hands-on, real-world instruction

Key highlights


  1. ServiceNow’s NOW Platform is simple, fast, flexible, and very powerful.
  2. ServiceNow Training is ideal for the software developers, application support engineers, project managers, etc.
  3. Multisoft Systems teaches the addition of new users, groups, and roles through ServiceNow Training.

The numbers of job opportunities across the globe are increasing for the ServiceNow trained professionals. They are now getting higher salaries compared to the professionals working on other technologies. According to a recent survey, these professionals are now earning about $96000 USD per annum which speaks for itself. Software developers, application support engineers, project managers, and passed-out graduates who wish to build their career in the software industry can attend the ServiceNow training. Based in Santa Clara, California, ServiceNow is a software company which has developed a cloud computing platform to help the organizations in managing their digital workflow for more efficient operations. Even though it was founded in 2003 as Glidesoft, Fred Luddy (previously worked as chief technology officer) had re-founded it a year later. After receiving the huge annual revenue of US$13 million, this company had opened their first Silicon Valley office, in 2007.

ServiceNow’s NOW Platform is fast and powerful

This cloud computing platform is blessed with simplicity. Being one of the fastest growing enterprise cloud companies across the sphere, ServiceNow provides a service model that automates the work flow and defines the structures. It streamlines the delivery of services to remove the email and spreadsheets from the process. With it, relatively low amount of configuration is required to run an enterprise.

ServiceNow’s NOW Platform is built to manage everything as a service. Another reason behind the popularity of Servicenow Training in Noida is its capability to manage everything. By placing a service-oriented lens on the activities, tasks and processes, it helps the organizations in faster operation and be more scalable than ever before.

The concerned platform is powerful too. Even though it is flexible, it is very powerful from the design aspect. ServiceNow enables the enterprises to define, deliver, and assure service availability. It is blessed with a series of tools, and Field Service Management, Application Development, Finance Service Management, HR Service Management, IT Service Management, Security Operations, and IT Service Management are some of these tools.

Servicenow Training will give you a safe and lucrative career

As many others, you might be curious to know the key reason behind the ever-increasing popularity of this certification. Well, this certification will let you learn ServiceNow® capabilities through hands-on training that is enriched with real-world examples. It is designed to be successful with the Now Platform and help you in meeting your goals. Earning Servicenow certification training will boost your career and set you to contribute even more to your organization’s success. ServiceNow Training teaches us a lot of things, including the addition of new users, groups, and roles; dealing with the User Interface; handling database and table management; and creating workflow activities. If you are an aspirant of ServiceNow classroom training, you may contact us. We, at Multisoft Systems, are committed to cater world-class training solutions by certified instructors. We create hands-on environment to enable the professionals in learning the up-to-the-dated modules. To fulfil diverse organizational needs, we have introduced or private and public delivery modes.

About the Author: Rajib Kar is a technical content developer at Multisoft Systems. He has been working as an IT professional for a long time and loves to write about the recent developments of corporate training.


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