MB-220: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Study Guide

Are you an IT professional with a keen desire of learning Dynamics 365 Marketing or a marketing professional who wants to know the method of leveraging Dynamics 365 Marketing for businesses? Become an expert on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing! Go for the Microsoft MB-220T00 Training if you have an in-depth understanding of basic marketing principles, basic knowledge of the Dynamics 365 platform, and Power Platform experience, especially in model-driven applications! This course will impart the skills of the survey, segmentation, lead management, and marketing application configuration associated with business growth. The list does not end here, and we have listed some other reasons behind the ever-increasing popularity of this course.  

  • How to track customers by contact?
  • How to track customers by account?
  • How to create or manage leads?
  • How to configure advanced settings?
  • How to analyze or distribute surveys?
  • How to create or manage events?
  • How to design or create marketing forms?
  • How to manage marketing content and integrations?
  • How to set up marketing applications?
  • How to configure organization, business management, and content?
  • How to create a lead and convert it to an opportunity?
  • How to configure and launch customer journeys?
  • How to create or manage segments?

Based on an easy-to-change monthly subscription, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing provides marketing automation features and unifies customer information. It has become a popular name among IT and Marketing professionals as it deals with segmentation and lead management. The company has designed it with flexible architecture and deployment options. So that it allows the users to modify workflows for meeting the needs. With the use of this software solution, they can automate tasks across marketing, sales, customer service, field service and project service. You can easily scale up or down your current budget, workload, and team size. Plus, it enables the sales teams to a wealth of insightful customer data – no matter they are working in the field or attending calls in the office.


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