MCSE Private Cloud Certification – A Secure Way for a Successful Cloud Computing Career

The MCSE private cloud certification validates the experience, knowledge and skills of a professional to successfully align Microsoft private cloud computing technologies to solve business problems. It is also a credential that demonstrates a person’s capabilities in using Windows Server 2008 and System Center 2012 technologies. Both these technologies are highly integral to the successful deployment of the private cloud solution.


MCSE private cloud certification

What does the MCSE private cloud certification exam test?

The following is a snapshot of what this credential exam tests in a professional:

  • The ability to design and deploy Microsoft System Center.
  • System Center configuration including infrastructure management and integration.
  • Configuration and deployment of virtual machines and services.
  • Configuration of storage and network facilities.
  • Deployment and updation of servers, clouds and virtualization hosts.
  • Setting up data center process automation.
  • Setting up resource monitoring facilities.
  • Managing backup and recovery.

What is Microsoft private cloud?

Candidates who are looking for cloud computing courses are often confronted with doubts over what are Microsoft private cloud solutions. These solutions are developed using Windows Server with Hyper-V and System Center. The combination of all these technologies produces world-class virtualization and enables organizations end-to-end service management.

Business benefits of Microsoft private cloud

The deployment of Microsoft private cloud provides the following business benefits.

  • Cloud on an organization’s terms – Being a private cloud, the organization has the flexibility to consume cloud computing resources on their own terms. They can deploy a hybrid cloud model, and build it using familiar management, virtualization and developer tools.
  • High performance – This solution provides best-in-class performance.
  • Cross-platform – The hypervisor environments, operation systems, and application frameworks can run on multiple platforms.

Given the business benefits of this technology, organizations across the world are going the private cloud way. Getting trained and obtaining a MCSE Private Cloud certification is the way to tap into this burgeoning job market that is constantly looking for trained personnel.


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