Microsoft Biztalk Servers For Business Process Integration

Integration of disparate systems, data and applications is possible through knowledge and skills received during Microsoft Biztalk Server training. Some of the heterogeneous applications and data include real-time decision making, business-to-business EDI, payment processing and reporting. The apps here can be connected both across datacenter and cloud. Companies are able to automate business processes through Microsoft Biztalk.


With a thorough understanding of the core features of Microsoft Biztalk during training, participants receiving Microsoft Training and Certification learn how to use messaging architecture for business needs. They understand how to plan, implement and configure messaging architecture as per adapters, content-based routing as well as messaging patterns. Biztalk has receive locations defined as endpoints, which are aware of how to receive a particular message. For sending messages, it uses send ports, and orchestration is used for an executable business process, which makes use of the message to complete workflow.

Technical features of Biztalk Server    

The complete list of technical features from Biztalk Server is huge and beyond the scope of this blog. Here are some of these features:

  • Use of adapters– With adapters, integration to Line Of Business (LOB) applications (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM), databases (Oracle database, Microsoft SQL Server) and other technologies (Java EE) becomes simple.
  • Accelerators– They give support to enterprise standards such as HL7 and SWIFT.
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)– It provides a dashboard and an aggregated view of the performances of various business processes, as well as how messages are getting processed.
  • Unified Administration Console– To deploy, monitor and operate Biztalk servers in a particular environment.
  • Automation of Business Processes– It can be done using Orchestrations.
  • Integration with other Microsoft products– Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Server for interaction with any user participating in the workflow process.

As the central platform for Microsoft in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business Process Management (BPM), Microsoft Biztalk Server is very important for business organisations. It is a process execution engine and also behaves like a transport hub for messaging and document transformations. This Windows Server system helps customers and brings together systems, trading partners and employees.


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