Microsoft Dynamics – Interview Questions & Answers- II in 2022

  1. What Is Unmanaged Solution?

Unmanaged solution is a collection of unmanaged customizations. Any unmanaged customized solution component can be linked with any number of unmanaged solutions.

  1. How Can We Know The Owner Of Managed Solution?

Each Managed solution is associated with Publisher. Publisher specifies the owner of the Managed solution who developed it.

  1. What Are All The Steps To Export The Solution As Managed Solution?

The steps are:

  • Navigate to Settings – Solutions
  • Select the solution that you want to export
  • Click on “Export”
  • Follow the Wizard and select “Managed” solution type in “Package Type” page.
  • Follow the remaining steps in wizard and save the solution
  1. On Creation Of Entity How Many Tables Will Be Created At Back End?

Entityname+Base, EntityName+ExtensionBase

e.g: if you created an entity bank then following tables will be created at CRM database new_bankbase, new_bankentensionbase

  1. I Am Using Singleton Pattern And Found That Two Objects Are Created, How Is It Possible?

If you have several worker processes configured then not all of the requests are managed by the same process and thus not the same singleton. So if multiple singletons are handling requests then apparently multiple objects will be created.

  1. How to Enable/disable The Form Assistant? How To Make Sure the Form Assistant Is Expanded/collapsed On a Form?

Navigate to Customization >> Open the Entity >> Open Forms and Views >> Open Form >> Select Form Properties >> Open Display Tab >> Check/Uncheck the “Enable the Form Assistant” and “Expanded by Default”.

  1. What Is the Difference Between Plug-in and Workflow With Regard To Security Restrictions?

In order to register a plug-in with platform, the user needs a system admin or system customizer security role and membership in the development administrator group.

In case of workflow, user can use the web application.

  1. How Can You Enable or Disable the Form Assistant? And How To Be Sure That The Form Assistant Is Expanded Or Not?

One can use the following pathway to ensure this– Navigate to Customization >> Open the Entity >> Open Forms and Views >> Open Form >> Select Form Properties >> Open Display Tab >> Check/Uncheck the “Enable the Form Assistant” and “Expanded by Default”.

  1. What Is Meant By Metadata Services Of MSCRM?

The metadata of MSCRM holds the information about the attribute and the entity. For instance, platform name, size of the attribute, datatype of attribute, display name, etc.

  1. What Is Discovery Services?

The discovery services function for defining the correct organization and URL.MSCRM has many servers, each of which might be dedicated to numerous Organizations.

  1. Which Security Roles Allow You To See Secured Fields?

The System Administrator field security profile gives complete access to all secured fields in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. By default, all users who have the System Administrator security role have this profile. This profile is already system managed and can’t be updated or deleted.

  1. What Type Of Operations And Data Can Be Audited In CRM?

Below data and operations can be audited in CRM:

  • Create, update, and delete operations on records.
  • Changes to the shared privileges of a record.
  • Changes to security roles.
  • N: N association or disassociation of records.
  • Audit changes at the entity, attribute, and organization level. For example, enabling audit on an entity.
  • Deletion of audit logs.
  • When (date/time) a user accesses Microsoft Dynamics CRM data, for how long, and from what client.
  1. How Do Secured Fields Behave for Retrieve and Retrieve multiple?

When user calls the Retrieve/Retrieve Multiple messages, CRM calculates if the user has access to each retrieved record and each secured field. CRM won’t show error message if the retrieve column set contains secure fields instead null values are returned for secured fields.

  1. How Do Secured Fields Behave For Create Or Update?

If user prepares an object with secure fields to update a record then it will show “Insufficient permission” error on updating the record.

  1. Where Can We Get Organization And Discovery Service URLs In CRM Instance?

Navigate to Settings –> Customizations –> Developer Resources

  1. What Is The Lookup Data Type And Where It Will Be Placed?

It will be created on 1: N relationship mapping and will be placed at “N” side entity

  1. What Are Requirement Levels We Have To Create A New Field For An Entity?
  • Optional
  • Business recommended
  • Required
  1. What Are The Default Settings For Field Level Security And Auditing?

Field level security: Disable

Auditing: Enable

  1. Where Can We Change The Number, Currency And Time Formats?

Follow the steps:

  • Click on settings Icon at top right corner of the CRM instance
  • Select Options
  • Under format tab
  • Click on “Customize”

    Here, user can change the format of Number, Currency, Date and Time


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