Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Training Session 2017-18

SharePoint 2013 is the most popular in its space. Organizations are accepting it easily worldwide to centralize their knowledge/information, to increase collaboration, to develop applications on top of it and appreciate actionable intelligence about their complete business strength.


SharePoint 2013 is a major and new release in the development of the Microsoft’s product, and it may cause you to curiosity what it is, how is beneficial for organizations and what the organization needs to know afore considering and deploying it.

In the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 training session we have described all the major-minor points step-by-step. This training is united with the MCSE SharePoint certification.

At “Multisoft Systems” SharePoint 2013 training session curriculum has been divided into two sections: the first one is core solutions and the second one is advanced solutions, with the headings

  1. Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
  2. Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Along with it we will discuss in detail about the 5 major and effective changes/up-gradation in SharePoint Server 2013 listed below –

  • Better branding for Your Web Presence
  • Improved public-facing website hosting
  • Enhanced business intelligence
  • End-user training
  • More, better, mobile device support

The training is available online and offline both, as per your comfort you can join. At every point, the course aims to instruct skills on configuring and managing SharePoint Server 2013 while getting conversant with attentions, guidelines and best practices to be followed in order to optimize performance.

Afore taking the training of the latest versions, we assume that you have already information/knowledge about previous versions of SharePoint and experience of working with Microsoft Windows Server.

The training sessions have been designed for IT professionals that may never have installed, configured or administered a SharePoint Server 2013 before.

What you will learn by attending the training session?

  • Key features
  • Design an information architecture
  • Design logical and physical architectures
  • Methods of installation and configuration
  • Create web applications and site collections
  • Plan and configure service applications
  • Manage users and permissions
  • Configure authentication
  • To secure a SharePoint 2013 deployment
  • Manage taxonomy
  • Configure user profiles and enterprise search
  • Monitor and maintain the environment of SharePoint2013

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