Microsoft Team Foundation Server Used For Efficient Project Management

Source code management can be provided by Microsoft Team Foundation Server. Project management, lab management, automated builds, release management capabilities and testing can also be done by this Microsoft product. The entire application lifecycle can be covered by it. Team Foundation Server is tailored to work for Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse. Detailed working of this product can be learnt through Microsoft Team Foundation Server training courses.



Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) stands as the core service provided by Team Foundation Server (TFS). TFS supports several agile development practices, multiple IDEs and platforms, and also provides tools to effectively manage software development projects. Any application’s lifecycle can be managed with the help of modern tools. Overall, a set of collaboration tools are provided by TFS, which can easily work with one’s existing IDE or editor.

With the help of Microsoft TFS, one can be agile on the project. It is possible to capture, prioritise and also track work by checking backlogs and using customisable Kanban boards. The work items can connect directly with code for transparency, and one can also build efficient dashboards for reporting. Using Microsoft TFS, teams can work on any language (Java, Python, HTML5 etc.) and any tool. It is free to start, with TFS Express, and can be scaled up as per size of the team.

Microsoft TFS has an extensive architecture and is extensible for use, as is taught during the training course. TFS is built on a multi-tier architecture which is scalable in nature. It can also integrate with a SharePoint farm of any scale, as well as the Windows SharePoint services. For advanced reporting, it supports SQL Server Reporting services. For teams that require project scheduling, TFS can integrate with Microsoft Project Server through which enterprise portfolio management and project tracking can be done.

To allow client connectivity with TFS, a native Java SDK and a .NET SDK APIs are provided by Microsoft.  TFS is capable of connecting with almost any tool which can call a web service.

Another variant of the above course is the Biztalk Server training course, where candidates can learn Microsoft Biztalk.


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