Most popular BI tools in the market

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Key Highlights

  • BI tools enable the users to utilize automated reporting and predictive analytics features based on self-service
  • BI tools are blessed with the features like visual analytics, data visualization, interactive dashboarding and KPI scorecards.

Business Intelligence tools enable the users to utilize automated reporting and predictive analytics features based on self-service. Many BI tools have been introduced and available in the market. These tools include the features like visual analytics, data visualization, interactive dashboarding and KPI scorecards. BI tools work as data connector as it bring together all relevant data from CRMs, ERPs, APIs, flat files, and databases. The users can explore the data without any technical assistance if they use such software. So, the organizations will get a competitive advantage with the use of a BI tool. You can work fast, accurate, make profitable adjustments, and can achieve far better business results.


Designed to help in merging data from cloud, accounting, CRM, and internal systems, this BI software solution allows the professionals to drag-and-drop data into Excel. It uses Power Pivot, Power Query to clean different datasets, delivers self-service ad hoc reporting directly to Power BI, and enables non-efficient users to explore data stored in databases. CLEAR ANALYTICS is also ideal to manipulate formulas freely, bolt right into Excel, and share on mobile devices.


GOODDATA provides tools for data ingestion, application integration, storage, analytic queries, and visualizations. As it is designed to deliver embedded analytics at scale, the users can publish their own reports and dashboards. You can use it with Python, R, Ruby, or SQL for flexible data processing. Earn business intelligence training to learn this course!


Owing to its user-friendly features, SAS BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE has gained immense popularity among the data engineers, data scientists, text analysts, forecasting analysts, econometricians, and optimization modelers. It offers a series of products and technologies to work on visual data exploration, dashboards, interactive reporting and mobile apps. With the use if this software solution, you will be able to integrate SAS with Microsoft Office applications such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS SharePoint.


DATAPINE is the best solution for you if you want to create a powerful business dashboard or customized reports. It is designed to help the professionals to use advanced analytics features and connect your data from various sources. Blessed with advanced features, this tool enables the analysts to create their own queries whereas the drag-and-drop interface ensures a visually intuitive way of creating superior dashboards. This software solution includes predictive analysis and ideal for specifying previous data points for the calculation.


Advanced BI software solution, Domo is ideal for warehouses, data lakes, and ETL tools. With its use, you can connect data across your enterprise, connect to more than 1000 pre-built cloud connectors, deal with artificial intelligence capabilities, and utilize machine learning. This globally acknowledged business intelligence tool will enable you to go from raw data to charts, graphs, maps, and prepare data with a drag-and-drop Magic ETL.


Designed to work on federated analytics, hyperintelligence, and cloud solutions, MICROSTRATEGY is an enterprise analytics and mobility platform which is preferred by data scientists, data engineers, econometricians, text analysts, and forecasting analysts. It enables the users to build interactive analytics books on Android and iOS devices. With its use, you can effortlessly pull data from various sources and puts them into zero-click insights. This tool provides a common data glossary offer mobile deployment that enables users to leverage dashboards, existing reports, and real-time visualization.


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