Multisoft Systems’ Risk Management Training for Better Risk Management

Risk Management Professional CertificationMultisoft Systems, established in 2002 by experienced professionals in technology and management, provides training in multiple areas of expertise. With its highly qualified trainers and diverse training delivery methods, the company has established itself as one of the leading Corporate Training Companies in India.

Multisoft Systems has partnerships with many technology companies and alliances with many certifying organizations like ITIL and PMP, So, they are qualified to deliver corporate training courses on cutting edge technologies and in Project Management methodologies and tools.

Multisoft Systems is a registered Education Provider of the Project Management Institute, USA. As part of the courses offered under the PMI umbrella, Multisoft Systems provides corporate training on PMI Risk Management Professional.

PMI Risk Management Professional

The growing complexity and diversity of Project Management as a separate field of expertise has led to an increasing demand for specialized roles. Risk Management is a vital part of project planning and management. This field is gaining increasing focus now, and there is a need for qualified specialists.

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and prioritizing the risks involved in any activity, especially the technology projects or business process changes that an organization proposes to initiate and implement.

PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) is a specialization in Project Management. While the training focuses on the core areas of knowledge and application in project management, there is a special focus on Risk Management.

The course content covers these broad areas – The Meaning of Risk, Risk Management & Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Measurement & Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation, Risk Appetite, Risk Management Tools, and Measuring Success of A Risk Management Programme.

The PMI-PMP certification attests to the professional’s expertise in identifying and assessing project risks, putting in plans to mitigate those risks, and allowing the organization to take advantage of new opportunities while ensuring that measures are in place to take care of inherent threats involved in the activity.

Multisoft Systems offers PMI-RMP training as part of its Corporate Training Programs. The details for the course can be viewed here. To qualify for this certification, the candidate needs to possess a high school diploma or an associate degree or other equivalent secondary degree. The candidate also needs to have 4500 hours of project risk management experience and 40 hours of project risk management education.

Alternatively, the candidate needs to possess a four years bachelor degree or a global equivalent, along with 3000 hours of project risk management experience and 30 hours of project risk management education.


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