Need and Scope for SAP Basis Training

Servers are integral equipment for data storage. In order to manage the technical architecture of servers and enable communication between them and software, SAP Basis Training is necessary. Over the course of training, participants develop the skills for communication between various operating systems and databases for data storage and updates.

SAP Basis is a tool used by several companies to manage their SAP databases. Once the training at a reputed institute is completed, students get chances to work in real time scenarios, to understand how SAP Basis works in the real world. They are ably guided by experienced instructors.

Scope for SAP Basis

There is immense scope for the growth of SAP across various industries. The IT industry holds unprecedented demand for the same, which means students who complete this training successfully will be rewarded with lucrative jobs. There is scope for working abroad as well, in countries such as Canada, UK, USA and Australia.


Learning the tricks of a SAP Basis Administrator

The main role of a SAP Basis Administrator is to ensure that the company’s SAP systems are running at full efficiency. The SAP system consists of a 3 tier architecture, and the administrator must know how these different layers work in tandem with each other.  So to ensure that the SAP system works properly, each layer needs to work well, which means the Administrator also has to check the nature of communication between the layers.

Now to be able to ensure working of these layers, the SAP Basis Administrator has to be knowledgeable about several Operating Systems. These include HP-UX, Solaris, Windows, Linux and others. He or she must also be aware about the working of databases such as Oracle and SQL Server.

Topics taught during SAP Basis training

So what do students learn under this training program? Here is a broad look at the skills and knowledge passed to students:

  • Knowing functionality and architecture of R/3 (set of business applications)
  • System central interfaces like work process architecture and services
  • Monitoring background processing
  • Being able to connect to different databases
  • Using profile management to configure CPU, Memory process

Know more during SAP Basis Training in Noida.


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