Oracle DBA and Oracle 11G RAC for Database Management

A professional who handles the Oracle database server is called as an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA). There are different types of Oracle users, whose roles and responsibilities may differ from each other. A small site is likely to have a single Oracle administrator to handle the database for application developers. On the other hand, a very large site divides the responsibilities of the administrator among several people. To know more about Oracle databases, it is necessary to undergo Oracle DBA training.

Oracle DBA Training

Duties and responsibilities of a DBA    

Oracle is one of the top databases in the world. It takes a special level of skills to master the same. Here are some of the responsibilities expected of an Oracle DBA:

  • Installation or upgrade of the Oracle server and using necessary application tools.
  • Registering users and keeping system security intact.
  • Allotting system storage area and planning for future storage needs.
  • Creation of primary database structures or tablespaces after design of an application.
  • Creation of primary objects (tables, views, indexes) after design of an application.
  • Monitoring performance of the database.
  • Backup and restoration of the database.
  • Contacting Oracle in case of necessary technical support.

Average Oracle DBA salaries are pretty high. This is one of the reasons why several young computer professionals want to get into production DBA. An Oracle DBA is a senior level manager earning just as much as a Vice President. This position requires a tremendous degree of responsibility, as it involves management of critical data for the organisation. Three skills are mandatory for every Oracle DBA:

  • Great communication skills
  • Business Degree
  • DBA Skills

Among the various uses of Oracle 11G, one of them is DBA, while the other is for Real Application Clusters (RAC). Through Oracle 11G RAC training it is possible to gain the skills of installation and administration of RAC using Enterprise Manager Grid Control, along with various command line utilities. Database workloads can easily be optimised by mastering Oracle 11G RAC.

Several types of databases are run by Oracle. If you wish to get into databases, it is helpful to learn a course sponsored by them.


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