PIC Microcntroller :- Overview and Applications

PIC (Programmable Interface Controllers) microcontrollers are the universes smallest microcontrollers that can be modified to do an enormous scope of undertakings. These microcontrollers are found in numerous electronic gadgets, for example, telephones, PC control frameworks, caution frameworks, installed frameworks, and so on. Different sorts of microcontrollers exist, despite the fact that the best are found in the GENIE scope of programmable microcontrollers. These microcontrollers are modified and recreated by a circuit-wizard programming

Each PIC microcontroller programming course design comprises of a few registers and stack where registers work as Random Access Memory (RAM) and stock spares the arrival addresses. The principle components of PIC microcontrollers are RAM, streak memory, Timers/Counters, EEPROM, I/O Ports, USART, CCP (Capture/Compare/PWM module), SSP, Comparator, ADC (simple to advanced converter), PSP(parallel slave port), LCD and ICSP (in circuit serial programming) The 8-bit PIC microcontroller is grouped into four seats on the premise of interior engineering, for example, Base Line PIC, Mid Range PIC, Enhanced Mid Range PIC and PIC18


Examples of applications and some ideas for educational projects that are based on PIC microcontroller

The PIC microcontrollers are broadly utilized as a part of industry and training fields (ventures, labs). In fact, any systems where there is a need to control certain procedures, to get data from outside sources, and decipher gathered data, the microcontrollers is utilized.

For instance, the ABS (an Anti-bolt Braking System) is a wellbeing framework which keeps the wheels on an engine vehicle from locking while braking, incorporates a microcontroller. In like manner, all gadgets in the family unit depend on microcontrollers, on the grounds that there is have to screen certain procedures or play out a few activities.

Auto with remote control – This venture incorporates a straightforward transmitter and recipient. One microcontroller is situated inside the auto and the other in the remote.

Voice acknowledgment – This project  incorporates a microcontroller with A/D converter. We should accept the client records a name and the telephone number. The data will be changed over to computerized data and will be put away in the memory. Whenever, the client can talk up the craving name and microcontroller, in the wake of perceiving the name, will show the telephone number.

Smart Car – This venture incorporates two sensors. The 2 sensors are associated with the microcontroller and transmitting a complete information on:

Fuel consumption

A distance to travel relative to the fuel consumption

Elapsed trip time

A trip distance

All the information can be displayed on the LCD.

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