PingAccess Administration Certification Guide – What is, Prerequisites, Exam Cost ?

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PingAccess is a policy server that handles authorization requests in which we can implement all kinds of business logic to authorize and validate the requests. Multisoft Systems is engaged in providing practical hands-on training on PingAccess Administration. This course is a combination of lectures and hands-on lab exercises; it is delivered by highly experienced subject matter experts. To pursue this course, you need to have earned the PingFederate Administrator course or equivalent experience with PingFederate.

This PingAccess Administration Training is designed to impart the knowledge required to configure PingAccess as a policy server for protecting web applications and APIs. You will learn the techniques of configuring PingAccess in a gateway model, configuring PingAccess in an agent model, installing PingAccess, and configuring different types of policies that PingAccess offers.

In its successful completion, the aspirants will learn: 

  • How to install PingAccess?
  • How to configure PingAccess in an agent model?
  • How to configure PingAccess in a gateway model?
  • How to configure different types of policies offered by PingAccess?
  • How to configure PingAccess as a policy server for protecting web applications?
  • How to configure PingAccess as a policy server for protecting APIs?

Ping Identity Certified Professional

The Ping Identity Certified Professional – PingAccess certification measures the candidate’s ability to describe how to perform basic installation and configuration tasks.

This exam covers the following knowledge about PingAccess version 5:

Product Overview

o   Describe the product’s features, functionality and basic use cases.


  • Outline the installation requirements.
  • Describe how to install and remove the product using command-line and graphical installation tools.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to set configuration database passwords and how to obfuscate them.
  • Describe how to configure PingAccess to automatically start on Windows or Linux.
  • Describe the product’s file system structure.

User Interface 

  • Describe the functionality and how to navigate the administrative console.

  Exam Delivery

This exam is delivered as a remotely proctored, multiple-choice exam. There are roughly 60 items on the exam and a time limit of approximately 90 minutes. For more information about how remotely proctored exams are delivered.


PingAccess Administration Training demands PingFederate Administrator course or equivalent experience with PingFederate.

Recent Course:  

Course Contents: 

  • Module 1: Overview and installation of PingAccess
  • Module 2: Introduction to OAuth and OpenID Connect
  • Module 3: Configuring PingAccess to protect web applications and APIs
  • Module 4: Configuring PingAccess rewrite and access control rules
  • Module 5: PingAccess clustering and administration

What are the costs, and how do I pay? 

The Certified Professional exams cost US$199 per attempt. Payment is collected when you schedule your exam, and is paid by credit card.

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