Primavera® Products: Oracle Construction and Engineering

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Primavera® is one of the construction and engineering software by Oracle. It is used by project leaders for the visibility and control, connected supply chain, and data security needed to drive performance and mitigate risk across their processes, projects, and organization. It offers powerful, robust, and easy-to-use cloud and on-premise applications for globally prioritizing, planning, managing, and delivering successful projects, programs, and portfolios.

It enables builders, engineers, and project owners in asset-intensive industries to improve outcomes across the project lifecycle. Below is the list of all Primavera® construction and engineering software.

Primavera® P6

  • Primavera® P6 is a great project management application that is used worldwide.
  • It is a complete cloud-based solution backed by the power of Oracle. It helps to plan, schedule, and control large-scale programs and individual projects.
  • It also monitors and visualizes project performance versus plan.
  • It is able to manage large and complex projects unlike a lot of other project management software in the market.

Primavera® Analytics

  • Oracle’s Primavera® Analytics is a packaged business intelligence solution that provides valuable insights into your projects.
  • Primavera® Analytics will give your entire organization a single BI solution where published project performance indicators, trends, statistics, graphs and geospatial maps are available through a self-service portal.
  • It provides an increased level of transparency and visibility into your business processes and project performance that are required to maximize efficiencies and return on investment.
  • Primavera® Analytics is in high demand due to its productivity and actionable BI.

Primavera® Portfolio Management

  • It is a very intuitive project portfolio management application.
  • It helps the user to select, prioritize, and align initiatives to achieve objectives.
  • The objective of the tool is to provide users better control in the two major aspects of a project life cycle.

Primavera® Unifier

  • It is the best-in-class project lifecycle management solution for capital planning, project delivery, cost control, and facilities and real estate management.
  • It enables real-time visibility across projects to make fast and accurate decisions.
  • It is very simple to use and deploy.
  • It is known for its user friendly collaboration.

Primavera® Submittal Exchange Cloud Service

  • It is a secure online system for electronically exchanging, reviewing, and archiving design and construction project document.
  • It is economical as everyone on the project gets access to the project without the need to purchase individual licenses.
  • It supports multiple document types, including Word, PDF, Excel, CAD, image files, and more.
  • Report confidence levels with regard to finish dates, costs, float, internal rate of return, and net present valueIt allows integration options to ensure that your Primavera® project portfolio management solutions work with other applications in your enterprise, including Oracle’s AutoVue, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Projects (ESA), and SAP.
  • It reduces total cost of ownership.
  • It improves data consistency between applications.

Primavera® Risk Analysis

  • It integrates directly with project schedules and cost estimates to provide quick and easy techniques to model risks and analyze the cost and schedule impacts of mitigating them.
  • It identifies common scheduling pitfall.
  • It reports confidence levels with regard to finish dates, costs, float, internal rate of return, and net present value.

In a nutshell, Oracle provides a variety of Primavera® products. But, Primavera® P6 is the most popular among the companies. Getting trained and having immense knowledge of Primavera® solutions gives a working professional an extra edge in the company.


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