Oracle Primavera has gained huge acceptance

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Oracle PrimaveraPrimavera Software, Inc. was acquired by Oracle in order to provide best Project Portfolio Management solutions to the project – concentrated industries. Focused on the sole motive of offering best in class solutions to the sensitive PPM needs of core industries such as public sector, utilities, oil and gas, engineering and construction and many more, Primavera PPM solutions, combined with Oracle’s project have established a name in the industry.

In today’s scenario, Oracle’s Primavera is known to provide expert solutions to the project managers and schedulers, “the control”- thing they value the most. The high-performance project management software solutions are developed to let them handle grand, highly classy and multidimensional projects. Offering abundance of resources with numerous target plans, the software has the ability to handle 100,000 activities when brought to practice. The huge acceptance of technology has led to the importance of Training and certification in Primavera.

Oracle Primavera gives the industries the ability to organize ocean of data with practical tools providing you multifaceted paths to filter and sort it. Besides meeting the PPM needs of the industries, the software is known to offer pool of benefits.

  • Steadiness in resource capacity
  • Plan, control and schedule complicated projects
  • Assign best resources and trace progress
  • Analyze and visualize project performance with its plan
  • Conduct and scrutinize alternative project plans

The latest version of Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise PPM solution is Release 8.3. The newest release supplies substantial developments in functionality. Also, it cuts down the cost helping companies to give more projects on scheduled time and within scope. There is pool of Primavera training provider in Noida offering quick insights to all the modules.

Though it is always important to know your requirements and goals before selecting any module, the main modules under Oracle Primavera are-

  • Primavera P6 EPPM: The technology is a part of business process and lets industries to meet their PPM needs, resource management, planning and scheduling and much more.
  • Primavera P6 Professional: The tool is functional and is installed on your system.
  • Primavera P6 Progress Reporter: The module is concerned with letting you view upcoming activities, report on time and collaborate.
  • Primavera Risk Analysis: It lets the user to perform quantitative risk analysis.
  • Primavera Earned Value Management: The Earned Value Management (EVM) module allows organizations to accomplish EVM calculations.
  • Primavera P6 Analytics: The BI or business intelligence module offers know-how of the performance of the project.
  • Primavera P6 Integration API and P6 Web Services: The module is brought to practice to write apps.
  • Primavera P6 Tools: The module enables the user to do document management.

Primavera certification training offers comprehensive training of Primavera client/server built solution. Users are given a thorough background of planning and scheduling. Training in Primavera Noida even offers frequent workshops for the candidates to help them create and trace complete project to completion. The workshops and lectures by Primavera training provider in Noida are based on three elementary levels of project management- resource, schedule and costs.

Besides this, there are advanced level training and certifications offered by Primavera Certification Training Noida. The Professional training in primavera Delhi helps the candidate to know the insight of Oracle Primavera with hands on experience to use them effectively in the future.

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