Proliferation of DSP Using Matlab in The Market

Matlab is known to be a computing tool that explores various DSP topics and solves their problems in order to have an insight. The abbreviation DSP stands for Digital Signal Processing, through which a complex range of problems can be explored. All the DSP applications are algorithms that have been implemented on a DSP processor, which means participants must have considerable knowledge of programming. To learn these techniques of working on DSP, reputed training institutes have courses on DSP using Matlab.

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While learning Matlab programming, trainees are given opportunities to create interfaces in the real world with the use of serial ports. Through projects, participants get hands-on experience in dealing with different parameters such as speech recognition, colour object processing, image processing and motion sensing among others. Model-based designing is also explained to the students via this training.

Different topics taught in DSP Matlab training

  • Develop a clear cut understanding of DSP
  • Creation of real time DSP applications
  • Matrices and arrays with the use of Matlab
  • Gain familiarity with the Matlab software as well as command prompt
  • Matlab simulink model with mathematical equations as well as dynamic systems

Who should take up DSP training?

Students who are in third and fourth year of B. Tech courses can take up Matlab training with DSP. In addition, working professionals who are familiar with various technologies such as chemical and embedded systems can also learn the concepts. The course is also open to those professionals generally interested to develop or enhance their Matlab skills.

Digital Signal Processing is the field which brings together mathematical theory and physical implementation. It must be possible to physically construct any digital system. Though Matlab is expensive, it is an ideal tool to be used for simulating systems, and also for creating “proof of concept”.

Use of DSP applications in the market    

Today DSP is being used in a variety of consumer areas. Some of these areas are bioinformatics, MPEG-based satellite television and MP3 format. These technologies have fuelled the need to know about DSP outside of hardware circles.  


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