Reason for using QTP testing

QTP being a functional testing tool can store the screenshot of each and every page which is navigated during the execution. This screenshot is used as a proof to show that the testing process has been completed. One can also use the screenshots of previous executions as and when required. The report, which needs to be prepared after the testing process is automatically written to a customized report page that can ensure the accuracy of the report and the look of the report can also be improved.

qtp testing

For a tester it is important to be aware of the important aspects of QTP testing:

  • QTP has an easy configuration and it has many inbuilt functionalities
  • Used for testing client-server applications and can be used for both web as well as desktop applications
  • Comes with an inbuilt object repository that makes its development and maintenance easy
  • Supports all types of dialog box
  • Supports different environments like SAP, Oracle, .NET
  • Offers high quality technical support
  • Enables the tester to develop the scripts quickly and so fewer efforts are required for script creation
  • Provides an advanced solution for functional test and regression test automation
  • Offers strong object identification process
  • It is very user friendly

It is imperative to mention that because of so many positive aspects of QTP testing it is widely used by the testers. Also, for those who want to make a strong career in testing and enhance their testing skills, there are high quality QTP testing courses available. A testing training with updated content and imparting practical knowledge can be really beneficial in growing professionally.


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