Receivables Management – Comprehensive and quality accounting tool by Microsoft Dynamics GP

Being a robust, qualitative and effective ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics GP is a product which speaks volume. Developed with a focus to provide high-end and advanced financial management execution, the tool is equipped with a user-friendly interface and a range of powerful features, Receivable Management being one of them.


What Receivable Management does?

An integrated automated process for controlling the accounts, Receivables Management provides effective functionality for invoices, finance charges, receipts and statements. The tool also provides interface for analyzing customer activity, along with setting up and maintenance of customer records like contact names, credit limit, aging balances and so. In a fast-paced business environment of today, orderly and enhanced management of receivables becomes highly essential for accounting and finance professionals, which Receivables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP renders efficiently and effectually.

How accounting professionals benefit from Receivables Management?

Account professionals can benefit greatly with the automated payables and receivables management, focusing on managing the credit extended to the clients in a timely and proper manner. This feature helps in ensuring the payments are received in a timely manner from the customer’s ends, and thus employees can concentrate on mission-critical issues without having to worry about routine tasks.

Extensive features for managing customer accounts

Offering utmost control over accounts receivable, managing the sales made on account becomes easy and effective with Dynamics GP Receivables Management. From managing the invoices, to evaluating the customer activity, along with receipt process, it helps to lower the associated overhead costs. Key features for advanced accounts receivable operation includes:

  1. Flexible handling of all the unavoidable exceptions during the operation.
  2. Locate customer invoices in a quick manner, using the invoice number or customer ID to process the payment transaction during cash receipt entry.
  3. Mark a check NSF to process NSF charge to a customer’s account, with easy tracking and recording of returned checks.
  4. Find appropriate information easily and speedily with plentiful visual identifiers.
  5. You can input indefinite number of addresses per customer.
  6. Leverage user-definable fields to record significant facts & figures exclusive to your business.
  7. Manage the customer accounts more efficiently by inevitably computing the average days taken by particular customers for payment.
  8. You can entitle specific posting accounts per customer.
  9. Summarize customer histories efficiently with options such as fiscal period, calendar period, distribution & transaction history, and so.
  10. Improve customer service by enhancing the statement processing through customer grouping.

Accounting professionals, having learned the concepts and application of Dynamics GP with Microsoft training courses are increasingly in demand by the industry, as firms are looking to optimize the Receivables Management tool for effective business operation.


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